Specialty Electrical Systems

Over and above a building's power and lighting systems, there are many state-of-the-art specialty systems that weave their way through the structure. We work to integrate these electrical specialty systems into the building's overall electrical design.

Our experience with the design of law enforcement facilities, baggage security screening, projects for Federal and Provincial agencies, and penitentiary buildings have allowed us to develop specific design skills in the field of security access control and CCTV design.

Most of our projects contain backbone and horizontal structured copper and fibre optic cabling systems, over which the building's voice and data systems operate. The convergence of other systems such as security, building automation, lighting control and other building systems onto these structured cabling systems is simplifying our projects and saving our clients money.

Through our healthcare work, we routinely consider patient safety, whether it is through the design of patient electrical systems or through the design of nurse call and patient wandering systems. The prevalence of alternative building code solutions in many of our projects means that no longer is the design of the fire alarm a standalone system. It is one part of the building's life safety system, and is integrated with the operation of the mechanical smoke control systems and building life safety electrical systems.